A Chinese zoo feeds its pythons with live puppies (video)

We are used to using social media as a tool for reporting animal abuse, but in China, where there is no animal protection law, a viral video can achieve what the authorities evade. In this case, forcing a zoozoo to stop using dog puppies as food for snakes.
A visitor who visited the zoo in the province of Henán first reported the situation after recording how a caregiver left a live puppy with a Burmese python in a box.

The video (below) has been trending on social media.

The small zoo is located in a public park in the city of Pingdingshan, but it is privately owned. According to the local press , its owners have stopped feeding the snakes with puppies after the video went viral.

The case is reminiscent of another zoo in Hunan province that erected a “monument to the unknown donkey” after videos appeared on the Internet of a keeper feeding the tigers with a live donkey.



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