Mazda Motorsports unveils its clothing collection

Mazda Motorsports has just unveiled its Mazda Team Joest clothing collection on the Rolex 24 in Daytona 

Mazda Motorsports unveils its clothing collection (AskMen)

The Mazda Motorsports has launched its clothing collection, Mazda Team Joest in a pop-up shop, Rolex 24 at Daytona.

With quality fabrics, dark or neutral colours and a touch of minimalist aesthetics, the collection will appeal to car enthusiasts who like to be well dressed. The clothes have nothing to do with the light equipment often associated with car manufacturers.

The textile project was carried out by the same award-winning team that designs and works on Mazda cars.

In recent years, the brand has revamped its entire product line, adopted new technologies like the SkyActive system and has mostly changed its SUV and Crossovers.

The new clothing collection reflects this change and celebrates Mazda’s recent partnership with Joest Racing, one of the most successful racing teams in history.

Mazda Motorsports unveils its clothing collection (AskMen)

“It does not make sense to add premium quality if you do not pay attention to the emotional side – we have to be mindful of how humans fall in love with an object and define what awakens all the senses,” said Julien Montousse, Mazda Design Director of North America, in an interview with designboom.

“For example, the Team Joest t-shirt reminds you of racing events and is made in great fabric.”
Mazda is working in an online store for fans, but for now the clothing will only be available at racing events and dealerships.


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