The Federal Aviation Agency of the United States, also known as the FAA, is looking for the drone that made the impressive image of a plane landing at the McCann International Airport in Las Vegas. They do not want to congratulate him. In fact, he is more likely to be punished.

The incident was reported by the local Las Vegas station, KLAS . The media said that the owner of the drone uploaded a video in which you can intuit that it is only meters above an aircraft. The FAA, which is responsible for the safety and aviation regulations of the country, prohibits flying a drone near an airplane.
According to the agency, a person who operates a drone near an airplane for recreational reasons can be punished with a fine of up to $ 1,437. Businesses that use drones can be fined up to $ 32,666 for the same violation.

In addition, people who operate drones irresponsibly in the United States can be criminally charged, resulting in a fine of up to $ 250,000 and three years in prison.
The drones are causing great concern in the aviation industry. Pilots worry that it could happen if a drone crashes into the windshield or reaches the plane’s engine. In the latter case, the greatest concern is the effect that the lithium batteries of the drones would have on the engine.

Unfortunately, this incident is becoming less surprising nowadays. There are several reported incidents in which a drone has endangered an aircraft by flying too close to the aircraft.

In 2017, the captain of an Airbus A319 that was landing at Gatwick Airport in London determined that a drone had put “130 people in danger” for getting too close. The first officer disconnected the airplane autopilot and took action to get away from the drone.

The same year, a drone crashed with a plane that was landing at the Jean Lesage Airport in Canada. The plane suffered small damages and was able to land safely.