Ants are phenoms…

Ants are interesting creatures of nature. Studying them up close is like getting immersed in phenomena. They reel you in, into their tiny world of possibilities without flinching at the gigantic sphere of our human existence.

They are tough as nails, as you’d discover. They don’t give up when humans or circumstances unwittingly squash them or use whatever means to end their role in the circle of life. They always try as their strength could carry them to get back up no matter what until their light dims out.

They guard their existence with every ounce of their being. They do this through coordination, team playing utilising their antenna of communication as their biggest assets.

Do you know your biggest asset?

As humans, we are blessed with so much and yet only a few have been able to realise their vision and purpose having discovered what their assets are. For the Ant, it’s second nature to them.


When they have a big cause to fulfill, Ants collaborate in numbers through efficiency, selflessness, and commitment and when exploring alone, they showcase their resilience, passion, observatory, and apt exploratory skills for the overall benefit of their race.

They are ignorant of the limitations of their size. But well vast and knowledgeable about their strengths and skills. They’re a wonder to learn from.

So the next time you see an Ant exploring around you, resist the urge to squash it, instead, observe it or better yet play with it.

This is part one of a four part series on “The Ant Philosophy”.

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