The spin-off of Men in Black is a fact; here we tell you the release date and who will direct it …

With nostalgia, many of us will remember one of the greatest movies that was released 1997, of course I talk about Men in Black, starring Will Smith and movie legend, Tommy Lee Jones.

The spin-off of Men in Black is a fact

So much was their success that they decided to make a second part in 2002, which to the surprise of many, was not as successful as the first part, but it left the fans satisfied and awaiting a continuation, which became a reality in 2012 .

Now, six years after the last delivery, Sony Pictures announced that it is working on MIB 4, where unfortunately will not feature Will Smith or Lee Jones. It will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who we know from the eighth Fast & Furious movie, and we already know that the premiere date will be May 17, 2019.

In addition, this fourth part will not be connected with the past deliveries, that is, the new characters will live a different story under the same premise of science fiction, although not much is known about it, nor the actors who will be present in this new spin-off



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