Winter Olympic athletes receive record number of condoms

Winter Olympic athletes receive record number of condoms

The Winter Olympics in Korea have already set a record.

What happens when you join the most beautiful and fit athletes in a village? Well, you can guess – as the organizers of the Olympians guessed.

In every game, athletes are inundated with free condoms on arrival – and the Games at Pyeongchang in South Korea are no exception.

110,000 condoms will be distributed among athletes, according to the reports. That’s 10,000 more condoms than at the Sochi Winter Games in Russia. Pale numbers compared to the 450 thousand distributed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Let’s do the math, okay?

The Olympic Village will receive 2,925 athletes from 90 countries. This is 37 condoms per competitor for 17 Olympic days. So if you’re a horny Lithuanian and you want to practice safe sex with a member of the Greek national team, you’re thinking about having sex twice a day. Not too bad.

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