The double life of the soccer player who makes sexual videos with his wife and was discovered by a detail in his body

Jermaine Pennant is married to Alice Goodwin

Jermaine Pennant started his career at Arsenal in 1998 and has played for many other clubs before arriving in 2017 at Bury Football Club.

Jermaine Pennant is 35 years old and currently plays for Bury FC (Getty Images)

In May 2014 he married porn actress Alice Goodwin, after leaving Lara Murphy, mother of his only child. Apparently, his loving bond led him to explore new horizons.

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In one of the videos, his wife maintains relations with a man who covers his face with a blanket and several users could recognize him. The male partner was Pennant.

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“It’s a joke that they say I’m a porn actor , ” he said in a dialogue with Daily Mirror  this week, when he denied that he was the man that appears in the XXX video. However, a distinctive ‘love’ tattoo on his right hand proves the opposite.

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The former footballer of Liverpool has tattooed the word “Love” on one of his hands, like the male sex actor of the recording.

Jermaine Pennat’s tattoo by which he was discovered

This detail was noticed just before the publication of his autobiographical book which he says there will be “a lot of headlines”.

‘There will be lots of headlines when my book comes out in a few months’ time and I will happily take any stick that comes with that. I am a lot of things but not a porn star,” he told Mirror.

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Pennant played between 2006 and 2009 in Liverpool, and played at the end of the Champions League against Milan in 2007. He also wore T – shirts Stoke City, the Leeds United and Real Zaragoza, among others.

In 2007 he was arrested for a domestic dispute and finally the conflict did not happen to major, although at that time the news reverberated mediately to be a footballer in the Premier League.


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