​Mario Kart Tour will be the smartphone game of 2019

Nintendo is stepping into the smartphone market market with one of its biggest brands, Mario.

Did you think Pokémon Go swallowed your free time? Nintendo wants to take this a step further and comes with Mario Kart Tour, a smartphone game that should come out in 2019.

Mobile games are completely hot. Pokémon Go was a huge hit in 2016 (and is still being played by millions of people worldwide). This made developers realize that there is a gigantic market packed with casual gamers who are not afraid to pull the wallet for a nice smartphone game. Now there is also a Harry Potter game which would follow the concept of Pokémon Go – but then full of creatures and spells from the Potter world.

​Mario Kart Tour will be the smartphone game of 2019

Of course Nintendo can not stay behind, especially because so many of the franchises they own are very suitable for a game on a smartphone. The first game exclusively developed for smartphone is Mario Kart Tour, a racing game in the trend of Mario Kart. Although details about the game is not yet known, we can conclude that Nintendo is in any case the right direction.

If we may speculate : a mobile online game, in which you can unlock an extensive schedule of Nintendo characters. Maybe even personalizing your own racing car or outfit? The possibilities within the franchise are huge, especially if Nintendo will host the necessary online games. All right, the Japanese developer is not very keen on online gaming (and in the past he did not often get started), but as a mobile game you can not do anything else. The previous Mario Run on phone was mainly single player, but that was also a different kind of game.

Here at the editorial office we would like to be able to race each other online. We will be waiting for more info from Nintendo, but until that time we can dream …



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