Hack WhatsApp: The dangers of using apps that promise to spy conversations

Hack WhatsApp: the dangers of using apps that promise to spy conversations (Getty)

For a strange reason, many users want to know how to hack WhatsApp and spy on other people . What need is there to get into the private lives of others? We’re not going to get into that, but it’s worth remembering that spying on conversations is a crime. That said, there are still many people who download applications that promise to access the conversation history of WhatsApp.

In Google Play we find a long history of miraculous applications that promise to spy on others’ WhatsApp. And on the internet we also see dozens of tutorials each one more precise to be able to infiltrate the chats of another person. The truth is many of them are an absolute scam .

We have downloaded some of them to see if they fulfill what they promise but we already anticipate that what we have found will disappoint anyone who is really looking to spy on others’ WhatsApp.

Applications to hack and spy WhatsApp, do they work?

To find this kind of applications, all we have to do is enter Google Play and put keywords like “spy WhatsApp”, “hack”, “spy” and other related searches. All of them will take us more or less to the same applications. Strangely, Google has not yet eliminated them but it is very possible that by the time you read this they may have disappeared. We have no doubt that new ones will have appeared.

Some examples are WhatsApp Agent , Wossip , WhatsSpy or the descriptive See Other Wasap Conversations on the PC . What do we find once we have downloaded them? First they make us register with our email, then in many cases without even asking for our phone number, they make us choose the contact we want to spy on.

All applications to spy on WhatsApp ask for a lot but offer little. Payments, subscription and advertising but zero results. The only thing you get is a loading message and several errors. WhatsApp is an application safe enough to need something much more complex than these apps to hack it.

There are other methods to spy on WhatsApp, such as cloning the SIM, but these are clearly a crime.

As we know it, there are many users desperate to try to find something on WhatsApp that justifies these espionage attempts. And the truth is that the mere fact of trying it is morally deplorable. We hope that the failed attempts and the money lost with these applications make users rethink what they are doing.


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