How to get back to the old Snapchat version if you have already updated

Snapchat recently released a new version of its application that has not exactly been successful with its most frequent users. With most applications, if you update you have to put up with the new version until the developer launches a new one.

However, in the case of Snapchat, Mashable has discovered that there is a temporary solution if you have an iPhone … for now.

The advice actually comes from Twitter user Clare James , who posted instructions step by step on Friday night. Basically, you have to delete the application, turn off the automatic updates on your phone and then download it again. When it is time to enter the application, choose the option “Forgot password” and follow the steps to get a new one. When you have the new one, enter again and you will be using the old version of Snapchat.

It seems to be a bit crazy way to get the old version of the application, but it really works. However, it will not work for long. If you restart the application by force, then you will have the new version the next time you open Snapchat. In addition, the company is working on fixing the bug, so if you do not follow these steps before they do, you’ll have to put up with the new version (part of the reason behind turning off automatic updates).

Remember that if you try to revert to the old version and delete Snapchat, the application deletes all your memories. If you want to keep them, go to Snapchat’s “Settings” menu, choose “Memories” and then “Backup Progress” to save them. You will see “Completed” after this.