The iPhone X ‘notch’ will eventually reach Android phones, says Bloomberg

The ‘notch’ of the iPhone X will eventually reach Android phones, say in Bloomberg

The notch that is already the hallmark of the iPhone X has generated a controversial love-hate relationship , but it seems that this design element could be part of future devices based on Android.

That is what they say in Bloomberg  where they reveal that sources close to the company indicate the intention of Google to offer support for these screen designs in Android P , the next version of Google’s mobile operating system.

The future Android P that will be released at the next Google I / O in May, will not only have a clear focus to that type of screen formats without frames and with those “notches” in the design, but also to other areas such as battery autonomy .

The source also revealed that there will be an even stronger integration of Google Assistant in this operating system, and that the support of the notch on the screen will also be added the support of other types of designs such as the ZTE Axon M – or those that have folding screens (way Microsoft could go ).

One of the objectives of Android P will be to convince more iPhone users to make the jump to Android , and for that they want the visual aspect of the software to improve. That would allow the brand compete with the iPhone X.

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