Apple Watch is selling more than Rolex and Swatch together

Apple Watch is selling more than Rolex and Swatch together (Photo credit: Google)

In the last quarter of 2017, the iPhone maker surpassed the sales of the entire Swiss watch industry.
Apple smartwatches have sold like never before and are leading the watch sales market. In the last three months of 2017, more Apple watches were sold than Rolex, Omega or Swatch together.

In four months, Apple sold about eight million smart watches. And throughout the year 2017, Apple sold 18 million smartwatches.

Apple is now the largest watch manufacturer in the world and the third generation of Apple Watch, Series 3 is primarily responsible for revenue growth. The result would be predictable if it was only based on price, but even Swatch was behind, which shows a new trend in the wearables market.

In the smartwatch market, Apple continues to be the first in the market with more 50% share than competitors Samsung or Fitbit.


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