Develop a sense of urgency…

In each day, week, month and year, every second, minute, hour, tick by purposefully with a sense of urgency. It is equally distributed to all without favour. And in-between, opportunities are presented to all. Most times they won’t be visible. Your tool to deciphering them will rely on these three words…“DO IT NOW.”

People who live by these words have springs in their footsteps. They’re decisive, open-minded, hungry and ready. And opportunities seem to favour these individuals because they act on them.

If you have a mindset that a better moment or opportunity will present itself, you’re projecting yourself as a master of procrastination (always weighing the pros and cons of whatever opportunity comes your way)… and when opportunities see this attitude, they – particularly the best ones for us, rarely come again.

Nowadays, things are happening so fast, they end up becoming a blur. To stay on the right track without losing focus is the new thrill.

If you have a sense of urgency, you can keep up. If you don’t, you can’t step up. The story of 2018 moving on fast. Are you prepared for the plot? “DO IT NOW.”