This is the evil that excess protein can do to your body

This is the evil that excess protein can do to your body (Photo credit: AM)

Too much protein will not bring more results, but it can be detrimental to health. The idea is to know how much we need daily and try to follow the number to the letter.

If you’re one of those who think that eating too much protein will not hurt you, we’ve got little shocking news. 
Here are the effects of excess protein consumption:

1. Increased body fat

It is no use consuming more protein to try to gain muscle faster because your excess will turn into fat. Instead of getting set and toned, it will increase your percentage of body fat.

2. Kidney problems

When there is excessive consumption of protein, the kidney works more because there is more urea in the body to be eliminated. There is a risk of developing kidney disease in healthy people.

3. Liver problems

Excess protein will be converted to energy or fat by the liver. In this process, there is the formation of ammonia in the blood, a toxic substance that needs to be expelled from the body.

Ammonia is transformed into urea which, if not eliminated through the urine, will make the liver work harder.

Note that, when there is an increase in protein intake, there is a decrease in the intake of other macronutrients, which is not beneficial to the body.

We should ingest from 0.8 to 2g of protein per kg of body weight, depending on our goal or intensity of training.



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