​Ericsson targets operators with new 5G platform

​Ericsson targets operators with new 5G platform (Photo: The Guardian)

To capture growth opportunities presented by new 5 G use cases , Swedish Technology Company , Ericsson expands its 5 G Core System offering with new capabilities to support 5 G NR and also enhances its Distributed Cloud solution .
Ericsson introduced its 5 G Platform in February 2017 with additions made in September the same year . It comprises the 5 G core , radio, and transport portfolios together with OSS/BSS , network services and security .

Accodring to The Guardian ,  Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks at Ericsson , Fredrik Jejdling , said operators who want to be early with 5 G now have the essential pieces for launching 5 G networks already this year .

“With our expanded platform, they will get more efficient networks as well as opportunities to create new revenues from emerging consumer and industrial use cases, ” he stated .

Chief Tchnical Officer , TIM , Giovanni Ferigo, said : “Ericsson is an important enabler of our 5 G in – field innovation activities that span several cities in Italy. Together, last December – marking an Italian record – we activated a 5 G NR cell in the mmW frequencies in the city of Torino , reaching speeds above 20Gbps . We are looking forward to testing Ericsson ’ s new solutions that will contribute to address the wide variety of use cases we are working on. ”

Available in the fourth quarter of 2018 , Ericsson ’ s 5 G radio network software provides multi – band support for global deployment. It will allow operators to use new frequency spectrum as it becomes available . The 5 G radio network software announced today complements Ericsson ’ s already launched baseband and 5 G radios .

Operators can simply activate their 5 G networks and take the first steps with commercial 5 G capabilities and new applications leveraging advanced mobile broadband services.

This will cater efficiently for growing data traffic and enable access to multimedia content , such as 4 K/ 8 K video streaming and virtual reality /augmented reality. According to Ericsson ’ s new economic study of enhanced mobile broadband , evolution to 5 G will enable 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4 G .

The radio offering is complemented with 5 G Core commercial software optimized for 5 G throughput, network capacity and scalability . Ericsson’ s Packet Core and Unified Data Management solutions will deliver enhancements throughout 2018 to efficiently support 5 G services. These solutions can be further upgraded with new functionalities as the 3 GPP 5 G standard evolves.

The Swedish Technology Company has also evolved its Distributed Cloud offering for cloud application deployment across multiple sites – central, distributed , and edge . Managed , orchestrated, and perceived as one solution , it improves latency, security , and resilience , and fulfils regulatory requirements for 5 G – enabled use cases. Ericsson Distributed Cloud combines the best of telecom and cloud to enable networks as open cloud platforms for all workloads , including telecom, consumer , and enterprise applications .


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