A transgender woman becomes the first to breastfeed her baby

Photo credit: Pixbay

A 30-year-old transgender woman whose name has been kept private has become the first officially registered to “breastfeed” her baby . After an experimental treatment of three and a half months, she was able to produce 227 grams of milk per day.

New Scientist reported that the woman explained to the doctors that her partner was pregnant but did not want to breastfeed, so she hoped to be able to assume the role when the child was born. The patient had been following a regimen of feminizing hormones since 2011. However, she had not undergone any so-called “gender affirmation” surgery, such as breast augmentation, orchiectomy, or vaginoplasty.
Several months ago, she went to the Mount Sinai Center for Surgery and Transnational Medicine in New York to begin the experimental treatment of breastfeeding. The woman took a nausea drug called domperidone to trigger breastmilk. 

This treatment allowed her to have breasts that seemed fully developed. In one month, the patient already produced drops of milk. After three months of treatment, the drops increased to 227 grams of breast milk per day.
Once the baby was born, the woman was able to breastfeed exclusively for six weeks, during which time a pediatrician confirmed that the baby was growing and developing normally and in a healthy manner. After the sixth week she completed her lactation with formula.

That said, being the first case of breastfeeding of a trans woman that is recorded in the medical literature, doctors remain expectant as the days go by. If it is shown that the treatment is safe and effective, it could benefit the babies of other transgender women, as well as women who adopt or who have difficulties breastfeeding.

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