It could not be otherwise: the new Galaxy S9 will copy the animojis of the iPhone X

Galaxy S9 will copy the animojis of the iPhone X

There are few days left for the release of the next jewel in Samsung’s crown, the Galaxy S9. The new mobile will have among its improvements a more powerful processor, a dual camera system (in the S9 +) and, of course, will copy a function that the last iPhone brought into fashion last year: 3D emojis.
Both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + will feature scanning technology and facial recognition, thanks to their new Exynos processors. This will have the ability to make 3D emoticons using the front-facing camera, in the same style as the animojis of the iPhone X. According to those responsible for the leak, Samsung’s 3D emojis will be “more advanced” than Apple.

Galaxy S9 will copy the animojis of the iPhone X

Apple introduced the animojis in 2017 and made them exclusive to the iPhone X (although technically they could be in other iPhones ). Since then there have been others who have wanted to copy that feature, and now Samsung will have their own in the new Galaxy.

In addition to the 3D emojis, the leaks ensure that the Galaxy S9 will also have stereo speakers with Delby Surround technology, located at the top and bottom of the mobile, which is great news for those who enjoy playing games or watching videos without headphones. 

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