With these tricks you can charge your iPhone super fast

With these tricks you can charge your iPhone super fast

With a little luck and patience, an empty battery will soon be a thing of the past for you.
There is nothing more annoying than a blank phone. If you are always on the move and you use your smartphone often, you can’t escape this. And then you also have little time to charge your phone. Fortunately, there are some tricks to charge your iPhone faster.

Long story short
If you use a charger for your iPad, put your phone in flight mode, remove your protective case and leave your smartphone for a while. This way, it can recharge twice as fast.

Short story long
Plug your charger into the wall socket and plug it into the iPhone, then maybe five minutes later, it gets three percent charged. You should be able to do that faster, you would say. There are some steps you can take.

By putting your iPhone in airplane mode, your smartphone does not use any energy and the phone also does not send any signals. Then remove the protective cover (if you have it). The battery in your iPhone is not very resistant to the heat and, according to Apple, a protective case holds the heat.

Use a charger for your iPad instead of your iPhone charger. The larger adapter would charge an iPhone 6 Plus up to forty percent faster than the smaller charger that comes with your phone. This saves almost one and a half hours.

Finally: leave your phone for a while when plugged into the charger. If you continue to use your iPhone and the screen remains active, it will take longer to charge.

If you take all the actions listed, you can charge your phone twice as fast as usual in five minutes.



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