Do not get into an X-ray machine

X-ray radiation can cause cells to mutate and cause cancer, but that risk was not enough for a traveler who did not want to leave her purse at a train station in southern China during the lunar New Year.

Image: Pear Videos

A video, published by the Chinese medium Pear Video , shows the terrifying images of a skeleton with heels crawling on the conveyor belt of an X-ray scanner. The video went viral and was shared by the Chinese state media People’s Daily .

The images come from a security video recorded last Sunday at the Dongguan train station, when a woman wanted to accompany her bag by passing through the X-ray machine. The video also shows the moment in which the woman leaves of the machine.

The Lunar New Year is the most traveled period in China. And, as mentioned in Reuters and the BBC , many workers carry their annual earnings with them to their families when they travel back home during vacations.
The People’s Daily reminded all passengers in their article that getting into X-ray machines is prohibited and can be dangerous.


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