Samsung’s Animoji will leave you with the look of a plastic doll

When Apple unveiled the Animojis of the iPhone X, we knew it was only a matter of time before another manufacturer developed its own version of the feature. Seeing how successful it was with Apple, Samsung wants to have its version, and is betting on something a little different for the Galaxy S9 .

Samsung’s Animoji will leave you with the look of a plastic doll

Instead of turning your face into something that looks like an emoji, it seems Samsung will have a more cartoonish version that will make you look like a Nintendo Mii avatar in high resolution or the face of a plastic doll.

The details about the Samsung 3D emoji are scarce at the moment and the only concrete example is in this 15-second advert from Samsung. If the rumors are true , the Galaxy S9 will use its new smart face scanning technology , which will be composed of a combination of cameras and facial sensors, to create an emoji.

Also, the staff of 9to5 Google says that Samsung’s 3D emoji could transform their entire body into avatars of different types instead of just capturing the face. From there, it would be possible to customize your character with hair styles or clothes, before sharing the avatar with friends.

It is unclear if Samsung’s 3D emoji will be limited to certain apps, such as Animojis are limited to iOS Messaging, or if Samsung is working with third parties to have a wider range of support between messages and media apps.

Either way, if seeing the regular emojis on social networks will be a thing of the past, then it will be time to embrace the inevitable future Animojis.



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