The actors of Karate Kid come back to face 30 years later in YouTube Red’s Cobra Kai

Image: YouTube

If you’ve been waiting all your life for a new confrontation between Daniel LaRusso and Jonny Lawrence, Google will make your dream come true (as long as you live in one of the few countries where YouTube Red is available and pay the corresponding subscription of $ 10 a month).

The first advance of Cobra Kai is now here , the revival of Karate Kid in the form of a web series that features the original protagonists of the film. No need more, just look at the actors Ralph Macchio and William Zabka confronted again in the dojo to move immediately to the 80s:

Set three decades after the Karate Kid events , the YouTube Red series will focus on the character of Zabka, Jonny Lawrence, who is going through a bad time and decides to reopen the infamous dobra Cobra Kai. This will make him meet again Daniel, a successful man who lost the balance of his life after the death of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi.

Macchio and Zabka will be joined by actors Mary Mouser (who will play Daniel’s daughter) and Tanner Buchanan (who will play Johnny’s son) to perpetuate the mythical rivalry of their parents. The series will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes that YouTube will premiere exclusively sometime in 2018.


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