Intel offers up to $ 250,000 to find vulnerabilities in its products

Tech companies, especially larger ones, often have rewards programs for finding security flaws in their products. Intel is one of them.

After the Specter and Meltdown situation that seriously affected its processors, the tech giant has redoubled efforts to improve its rewards program.

According to Techspot , the first is to expand its rewards program to more researchers, so that researchers and Intel can benefit more from this program. Secondly, due to the importance of having reliable products, Intel has increased its maximum bug bounty payout for side channel vulnerabilities. Intel does so by grades. The higher the severity, the more money it will hand over.

Those with a maximum rating of between 9 and 10 are considered critical and may receive up to $ 250,000. It is these types of rewards that are creating a growing market of researchers who live from finding vulnerabilities.

Those with a high rating of between 7 and 8.9, will receive up to $ 100,000. From 4 to 6.9 the reward will be up to $ 20,000, and those with low severity between 0.1 to 3.9, will receive up to $ 5,000.

Intel has indicated, due to the vulnerabilities mentioned above, that it will redouble efforts in this area and also its general manager, Brian Krzanich, announced the creation of a new division to safeguard its products.



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