India is building a school for happiness

Educators will help students learn and think independently, according to a lifestyle blog Inhabitat.

Riverbend School plans to educate students to become happy and fit enough to improve the world. The project is by Vivek Reddy and Kiran Reddy, entrepreneurs who want to bring new concepts to education.

At Riverbend, the course is not traditional and it is the students who begin by deciding what they want to learn. “The day can begin with meditation or basketball, followed by a morning to reprogram software or recite Indian classical poems, a lunch with friends and an afternoon working in a business incubator on campus.”

Educators want to reverse the teaching model and focus on the formation of character and personality of students. “I think that, from the Western point of view, we tend to believe that the environment controls our happiness. So we try to control the environment. In an Eastern philosophy, we tend to believe that we control happiness through our mind – in the way we perceive things, then it is possible to disconnect the environment from our happiness. Ideally, this is what we want to teach children. ”

The project is inspired by a Harvard study on happiness, which points out that interpersonal relationships are the key to happiness. “The school is centered around a central public square and has spaces for studying, playing, reflecting, living and planting. The whole aspect of the project encourages socialization, ” said Danish architect Kurani, who is responsible for the school’s architectural project.

The school will begin construction in 2018 and is scheduled to open in 2020, although they are still working to resolve the asynchrony between this teaching model and Indian education laws.


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