Image: Google

Google announced last week that it had reached an agreement with Getty to remove the “see image” button from its search results. The agency alleged that many users used their photos without attribution or payment of royalties. However, there is a way to revive it.

This button was very useful for all those users who usually make use of the company’s image search system, since it allowed us to see a full-size version of a photo without having to visit the page where it was published.

Startpage image

Like almost everything on the Internet, it could be understood as a tool that could be used in the wrong way. While many users used the photos for personal interests, for example as wallpapers, Getty claimed a huge number of copyright infringements, which led Google to eliminate the option a few days ago.

That said, the option is still possible thanks to another search engineStartpage . In this way, the button reappears where it was previously. In addition, and alternatively, you can use the anonymous search engine (and without advertising) based on Google Startpage, appearing on the surface of the images along with the button without the need for an extension.