The Guardian

At least 88 broadcasting stations in Nigeria have received a sanction from the head of the nations broadcasting committee, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).
The NBC accused the stations of breeching various provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code in the fourth quarter (Q 4 ) of 2017.

The Guardian reports that the stations, which included radio and television outfits, were fined over N11 million. In a statement yesterday in Abuja, Head, Public Affairs at NBC , Mrs. Maimuna Jimada , disclosed that their offences ranged from breaches of rules on vulgar lyrics , unverifiable claims and hate speeches , among others. She pointed out that broadcasters have a duty to promote the socio- economic wellbeing of the country and abide strictly by the provisions of the Broadcasting Code .

Jimada said the erring stations have been sanctioned in various categories according to the provisions of the code. A breakdown of the list showed that 19 stations were fined N 2.1m in Abuja Zone, three stations were fined N 400,000 in Benin Zone, while 20 stations were fined N 2 . 225 m in Enugu Zone.

At the Kaduna Zone, about 12 stations were fined N 1.35m, just as three stations got a fine of N 1.05m in the Lagos Zone. Also, 12 stations were fined N1.3m in Ibadan Zone, one station was fined N 100,000 at the Jos Zone, while three stations were fined N 300, 000 at the Maiduguri Zone. While there were no breaches recorded in Sokoto Zone within the period under review, about 12 stations were fined N 1.6 m at the Uyo Zone.