The 5G is not just for data: Vodafone and Huawei manage to make the first call via 5G

The 5G is not just for data: Vodafone and Huawei manage to make the first call via 5G

The race towards the use of the 5G is coming quicker than we expected. The fifth generation of mobile networks is quickly moving from a test technology to a reality.

Today, with the help of Vodafone and Huawei, the first 5G call in the world has been completed under the new commercial standard of the NSA.

The NSA standard was approved by 3GPP last December and today, Vodafone and Huawei have made the first 5G call to its innovation center in the city of Castelldefels (Barcelona) and its headquarters in Madrid.

The NSA standard uses (at the moment) the infrastructures of the 4G network for traffic management and control, so that both mobile and base stations can connect to 4G and 5G networks simultaneously. The call made by Vodafone today in its demonstration has been completed with this dual connection.

To make this connection, spectrum has been used in the 3.7 GHz frequency with a complete test network, supported by Huawei Radio Access Network equipment . This milestone in 5G technology is made just before the start of the new edition of the MWC , an edition that, as we hope, will have this technology as a recurring theme.


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