United Kingdom takes advantage of church steeples to improve connectivity in their rural areas

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Access to the Internet is something that has been internalized socially as in the past did the electricity or water supply. But there is still much to be done so that the deployment of this type of infrastructure is equitable in all regions, and therefore, there are still differences in scope , especially between urban and rural areas.

In Spain, companies such as Adamo, work to bring fiber optic connections to these types of areas, and other countries such as the United Kingdom, will begin to take advantage of church steeples to improve broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity. -I was in this type of areas far from the urban centers.

66% of the churches are in rural areas
The Church of England reached an agreement with the government of the United Kingdom to be able to use its buildings and other Church properties, to improve broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity in rural and less accessible areas.

This agreement is in addition to an initiative that already exists in some chapels in the United Kingdom, where they ensure that rural access to high-speed broadband has improved significantly as a result. About 65% of the Anglican churches and 66% of the parishes in England are in rural areas, so the measure could improve the situation of a very high percentage of rural areas of the country.

The signed agreement includes rules that guarantee that the application of antennas, or other telecommunications infrastructures, will not affect the appearance of the buildings , and the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports of the United Kingdom assured that its intention is to reach similar agreements with other religious communities in the country.

All this deployment of means is given by the previous promise to the Government Brexit , and whose objective is that no part of the country or social class lack access to connectivity , and it includes the full deployment of 4G and high speed broadband before 2020.


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