Update iOS now: the new version fixes the bug that crashes your iPhone using a Telugu character

Photo: Gizmodo

A few days ago, they discovered a bug in iOS that crashes an iPhone or iPad by sending a particular Indian language (Telugu) character in a text message. The bug also makes apps like Messages, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp inaccessible. Apple has just updated all its operating systems to correct the problem.

The new version of iOS 11.2.6 is now available worldwide, and it is recommended that you update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch immediately. By allowing anyone to send a Telugu character to an iPhone, it crashes the device and locks out access to messaging apps.

Apple had already fixed the bug in the iOS 11.3 beta, but they promised they would launch the solution before that version of the operating system is available (which is expected to arrive sometime in March).

According to The Verge, the problem has also been fixed in macOS (version 10.13.3), tvOS (11.2.6) and watchOS (4.2.3), so it is recommended that you update all your devices right now.


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