Android P will also prevent background apps from recording you via microphone

Android P will also prevent background apps from recording you via microphone

We still do not know what the star functions of the next version of Android, Android P will be, but for now it seems that there will be some emphasis on privacy.

After discovering that it will inform the other person with a tone if you are recording the call and that it will also prevent ‘idle’ background apps from using the phone’s camera, today it’s the microphone.

According to XDA , another commit has resurfaced among the AOSP code, detailing that the idle background apps will not be able to access the microphone .

The reality is that, over time, tech expert discovered that apps that we gave permission to access our device’s microphones were somtimes running in the background and recording anything we said. According a 2017 report published on XDA , over 1,000 Android apps listen for ad-tracking audio signals through the phone’s microphones.

So, this is what Android P wants to prevent, stop apps from accessing your device’s microphone when its not in use.

Here’s how it’ll work: 

If an app is idle (being in the background for more than a certain amount of time) Android will not give app real access to use the device’s microphone. What this means is that, instead of writing data from the microphone to a file, Android will report empty data (a string of zeros in the byte array). Once the app becomes active again, it’ll start recording real data.



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