First trailer of the  Lost in Space reboot : Netflix revives the legendary series 50 years later

Lost in Space reboot

More than 50 years have passed since the premiere of Lost In Space , a revolutionary science-fiction series for its time. Netflix has been working on a reboot for a couple of years and we can now give a first look at the new series that premieres next April.
Again, Lost In Space will tell the story of the Robinson family, after departing on a space trip with the intention of colonizing a new planet because the Earth is no longer in optimal conditions to live. However, after suffering an accident on their journey they end up stranded on a completely different planet. The new series has also maintained part of the retro aspect of the original, which premiered in 1965 and lasted 85 episodes. From the 1998 film it is better not to talk.
The reboot of Lost in Space premieres on Netflix all the episodes of its first season on April 13, starring Toby Stephens and Molly Parker.



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