There is a serious failure in uTorrent that allows others to take control of a PC and its downloads


A group of researchers has discovered a series of security flaws in two versions of uTorrent, one of the most used torrent apps in the world, which allow hackers to access user downloads, view downloads history and, execute malicious code.
The vulnerabilities were discovered both in the uTorrent app for Windows and in the web version of uTorrent, by Google Project Zero researchers. According to experts, these exploits would allow attackers, in the worst case, to download and execute malicious code directly on the Windows boot system to infect or take control of a computer. It is only necessary for the user to access any web page that cybercriminals have designed to take advantage of exploits.
One of the uTorrent exploits in process. (Image: Google Project Zero)

According to BitTorrent, responsible for uTorrent, the bugs have already been fixed in the new version of uTorrent for Windows. Although it is not yet available to users (only in the form of Beta, which you can download in this link ). In the next few days they will launch an update for the uTorrent app for Windows and all users would have to install as soon as possible. In the case of uTorrent Web, they state that the bug has also been solved in the new version, and they recommend we make an update.



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