Do not buy an iPad now: Apple is about to launch two new tablets, according to rumours

Apple is about to launch two new tablets

Apple is working on two new tablets that will soon be released to the market, as revealed by leaks from the Eurasian Economic Commission, between the Eurasian territory regulator. If you were thinking about buying an iPad soon, maybe it’s better to wait a little longer.

It is not the first time we heard rumours of a new generation of the iPad. In the past, there have been speculation that it could discard the start button, just like the iPhone X did, and replace Touch ID feature with the new Face ID facial recognition system. Developers also found references to new iPads in the iOS 11.3 code in the month of January.

However, taking into account that the leak of the Eurasian commission speaks of two new models and next releases, perhaps not the new generation of iPad Pro (which would come with drastic changes in design and features, such as Face ID) but rather new versions of the base and most economic model of the iPad, whose last update came in March 2017. 

[ Via Verge /  9to5Mac ]