Features and price of 2018 Toyota Yaris Sedan in Nigeria

Imported directly from Thailand, the 2018 Yaris Sedan wears Toyota’s latest design concept visible in the improved Corolla saloon.

Known in other markets as Yaris Ativ, the new member to the latest Toyota family is marketed exclusively with a 1.5-liter petrol engine and 107 HP. Users can opt for the five-speed manual gearbox or the CVT type automatic transmission with seven pre-set speeds, a very interesting option for its convenience in urban traffic.

2018 Toyota Yaris Sedan

A remarkable detail in all 2018 Yaris is the security endowment. Standard in any version is the ESP stability control, ABS anti-lock braking system, ISOFIX anchorages, TCS traction control, dual front airbag and protection bars.

The Yaris basic level is called Core. In addition to the aforementioned, are front electric windows, central locking with remote control, electric mirrors, burglar alarm, integrated sound system with MP3, bluetooth, USB, adjustable height multifunction steering wheel and alloy wheels.

2018 Toyota Yaris Sedan 

The S termination adds to the above the infotainment system with 6.1-inch color screen, SD card reader and DVD player, bluetooth control on the screen, specific headlights, exclusive upholstery with red inserts, fog lamps, collapsible mirrors with electric control, etc. The versions with automatic box adds the infotainment system with seven-inch screen and compatibility with Android Auto, Mirror Link and Wi-Fi.

2018 Toyota Yaris Sedan 

The recommended prices are the following:

  • 1.5 VVT 107 CV Core: 3.6 million naira
  • 1.5 VVT 107 CV Core CVT: 3.9 million naira
  • 1.5 VVT 107 CV S: 4.4 million naira
  • 1.5 VVT 107 CV S CVT 4.9 million naira

Pros & Cons of the 2018 Yaris Sedan:

  • Pros: Good standard safety features, Impressive standard infotainment
  • Cons: Slow and loud Hard to fit more than two adults, Not packaged well

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