Land Rover makes phone for the most adventurous

A few years ago the Cat S60 was unveiled, an armored mobile with integrated thermal camera. The Bullit group is behind Caterpillar and also Land Rover brand for mobile phones. Today we present the Land Rover Explore, a smartphone with some high-end features, a huge battery and an ultra-resistant design designed for the harshest environments.

The Land Rover Explore is a mobile phone for a specialized audience, created for those who need a phone with good characteristics but intend to use it in tough areas such as mountain, snow or in deserts.

Land Rover Explore datasheet

Normally many of these “ruggedized ” smartphones” have some pretty basic features. Not so with the Land Rover Explore, a phone designed to compete in 2018 but that knows very well how far it can go.

The screen chosen is five inches with FullHD resolution . A compact size and easy to handle with one hand. We must bear in mind that the design is not exactly thin since it has a casing that is fallproof. The panel for its part is coated with Gorilla Glass 5 and is designed to be read despite the sun’s reflections .

Inside we find a Helio X27 processor, the high-end MediaTek . They are accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. But without a doubt the 4000mAh battery is its strong point. 

For those who do not have enough, Land Rover presents the Adventure Pack, an accessory that adds an additional 3600mAh battery and a GPS integrable antenna for more reliability. In addition to access to a high quality topographic map with Skyline, an augmented reality system from ViewRanger. It is not the only accessory package, we will also have others with more battery and universal support for bicycles .

As we can anticipate, the Land Rover Explore is resistant to water, IP68 dust and withstands extreme temperatures, humidity and exposure to vibrations. In the promotional images, the Land Rover Explore receives mud baths and real downpours. An important detail is that, it can also be used with wet fingers or gloves.

The version of Android chosen is Nougat 7.1.2 although the update to Oreo is planned . The Land Rover Explore adds a launcher where we find a control panel with weather information, a portal of specialized applications and relevant content for outdoor activities.

Among the pre-installed applications we will also have Land Rover remote control, an SOS flashlight and a red filter mode to reduce the glare of the screen. Small additions that many devices already incorporate and that in this Land Rover Explore are offered as a plus designed specifically for adventure enthusiasts.

Availability and price of the Land Rover Explore

During the Mobile World Congress we will learn more about the Land Rover Explore. Those interested can purchase it from April for a price of 649 euros