The first Android Go phones will debut at MWC 2018 with new Android One devices

On Monday, February 26, the MWC 2018 will open its doors to the public. But before then, most mobile companies would have indirectly announced what to expect from their latest products. One of such companies is Google.

In a statement from Google, it revealed that its partners will announce new and incredible Android devices and show the world the first Android GO and Android One devices.

Android Go
Google confirmed that next week, we will see the first mobile phones with Android Oreo (Go Edition), the ultra-light version of Android optimized to work with ease in mobile phones with 1 GB RAM or less, little storage and not very powerful processors.

This version of the operating system will have similar interface and with the basic version of its most popular apps like Google Go, Google Maps Go or YouTube Go, designed to take up less space and use less data. These Android Go will be the most basic smartphones in the market.

Google GO services

According to Google, some will cost less than $ 50. At the moment it is not known which Android Oreo phones (Go Edition) will be announced but surely the new Nokia 1 will be one of them.

Android One
Google also states that at the MWC, the world will see the new Android One mobiles. Its partners will announce new models that will go on sale in several countries around the world.

The first Android Go phones will debut at MWC 2018 with new Android One devices

Android Go vs Android One
Android Go and Android One are not the same, they have important differences. Android Go Edition is an optimized version of Android Oreo adapted for smartphones with 1 GB RAM or less. By having a lower storage and processing capacity, its construction is less expensive for the manufacturers, which allows them to be sold at affordable prices.
On the other hand, Android One is a program designed to provide people with three key things: faster access to the latest Android operating system updates and Google innovations, regular security updates and an easy-to-use software design that is intuitive and light.

Android One combines the latest software and services from Google with hardware beautifully designed by leading partners. With Android One phones you can expect faster access to Android operating system updates for two years, including the latest innovations from Google’s AI.


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