Automatic reverse braking systems reduces the number those accidents by 78%

Automatic reverse braking systems reduces the number those accidents by 78%

The front braking assistance systems that takes its time protecting cars from possible accidents, will now be integrated at the back of our cars to avoid possible collisions when we drive in reverse.
A study carried out in the United States reveals that these automatic reverse braking systems, combined with rear cameras and sensors, reduce the number of crashes by 78% when going backwards.

Many reverse collisions are avoided with these systems
That option is currently unpopular in the United States, where according to the study, only 5% of the vehicles have it. In May 2018 all new cars that are marketed there will be required to have a rear camera, and their combination with these automatic braking systems will ensure even more peace of mind in that reversing traffic.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) studied the behavior of these systems and compared it in six different models ( BMW 5 Series , Cadillac XT5 , Infiniti QX60 , Jeep Cherokee , Subaru Outback and Toyota Prius ).

Of all of them, the Subaru stood out over the others for their combination of these systems, sensors and cameras, something that allowed them to avoid collisions in parking lots (hitting other cars, pedestrians or poles during maneuvers).


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