The best Android apps of the week

Apps to exchange messages, transfer your photos to PC and create ringtones. Check out our suggestions this week for apps for Android devices.

Wafer Messenger

Wafer is yet another messaging application, but with two features that stand out from the well-known WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger: it allows you to send messages in “multilayers”, you can combine six types of media at once – you can put drawings , text, stickers, photos, audio and video. Also, it’s not necessary for all your contacts to have the app – you can create a secure link to send the content to anyone. The developers also claim that the quality of connections is better than the competition.

Download:  Wafer Messenger (free)

Photos Companion

Microsoft has released an application to make it easy to send photos from your Android smartphone to your Windows computer. It connects to the Photos application in Windows 10, you just scan a QR code. All this without having to connect cables.

Download: Photos Companion (free)

Ringtone Maker Pro

If you want to put an excerpt of a song or audio as your ringtone, take a look at Ringtone Maker Pro. It supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC (M4A) / MP4, 3GPP / AMR formats. The application also has a built-in tone generator, to create everything from scratch.

Download: Ringtone Maker Pro (N1,410)


It has been popularized, mainly in Instagram, those photos that have only some moving parts, like the sky, the sea or the water in a swimming pool. There are several iPhone apps to play around with and this is an option for Android. The results are interesting, it looks very good.

Download: vimage (free)


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