This teacher from Ghana does not need computers to teach ‘Word’, only a blackboard and chalks

The Internet (and the world) has a new hero. It’s about Owura Kwadwo , who is a teacher at a school that doesn’t have a single computer but had to improvise to continue with his task of imparting knowledge.

Owura’s job is teaching children how to use Microsoft Word, but the problem is that, the school in Kumasi doesn’t have a single computer. But for this professor, this is not an impediment, but an opportunity to lean on his talent and improvise.

Mission Impossible: computer teacher without computer
A few days ago, Owura took to Facebook to explain how he managed to tech children how to use Word without being in front of a monitor. His Facebook post went viral all over the world due to the teacher’s unusual technique which has proven to be very effective.

Owura explained that it has been a challenge to be a computer science teacher in a school belonging to a rural agricultural community in Kumasi, since that school lacks basic tools for its teaching task.

For Owura, having studied visual arts, it has helped him to exploit his skills in drawing, with which he has been able to draw the entire interface of Word and explain it step by step to his students. Children will also copy everything on the board so they can at least have an idea of ​​what they will see when they are in front of a computer.

But it’s not just about drawing and the children copying everything, the teacher also ensures that they understand what he is teaching before the class ends.

Fortunately, Owura’s post has served for more than just showing his teaching method. After he shared his story on Facebook, he has received a number of messages from people and companies who are willing to donate computers to the school . He has received so many messages that he had to forward them to other schools in the region that face the same problem.

Undoubtedly, Owura’s work is an example of perseverance, but it is also a sad reminder that there are still many things to be solved regarding education and technology in various regions of the world. 



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