Nokia revives the 8110, the Matrix mobile , in banana yellow

Nokia has done it again. For second consecutive MWC, the Finnish manufacturer owned by HMD Global has presented a “retro” mobile, a dumb phone that does not have Android or any modern operating system, although it does have some basic apps. This time they have revived 8110, Neo’s mobile in Matrix .

After launching a new version of the legendary 3310 at the MWC 2017, this year, Nokia has come up with the idea of ​​giving a new life to one of the mobile phones that we loved back in the days. And if you never had it, now is your chance, even if it’s completely useless for Instagram fans or some modern apps.

The new Nokia 8110 has a basic operating system called Smart Feature OS, which has access to basic apps (including one for Facebook). The mobile has a Qualcomm 205 Mobile processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. It also has connection to LTE networks and a camera of just 2MP. It will be available in black and yellow banana, and will be priced at just $ 97 (or 24,000 naira) when it goes on sale next May.


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