We have all seen how far Nigeria’s first online Nollywood TV has come. Since its launch in 2011, Jason Njoku and his team have been working extremely had to see that their service reaches more Nigerians.

Jason Njoku

Currently, as a crucial measure to reach more customers, the ‘Netflix’ of Africa, is adopting telemarketing strategies. The Nollywood movie platform is making plans hire 500 sales persons to engage in telemarketing its services. 

The IrokoTV’s boss, Jason Njoku announced this via Twitter in a series of tweets recently.

“Today. We have the content. We have the product. We have the technology. How do you compete with 100% DataFreeDownloads? We have the brand that is in its 7th year. We started testing distribution with kiosks in 2017. Now we’re going gorilla in 2018,” he tweeted.

According to TechNext, IrokoTV has tried out new ways to tackle the challenges of doing business in the Nigerian. In 2016, the company introduced a daily subscription plan for its users. And in 2017, it resorted to placing kiosks in strategic locations around Lagos. These kiosks provide Data-Free download services for IrokoTV subscribers in Lagos. That, to a large extent, solved the problem of inaccessible data subscription points.

Since Iroko has decided to adopt a telemarketing strategy for its business, considering the fact that there can many negatives in using telemarketing, we are sure the brand has its A-game up!