Nokia presents two new versions of classic phones # MWC2018

In the fashion of reviving old classics and appealing to nostalgia, Nokia brings back two teams that will burn the hearts of fans.

HMD has done a fantastic job appealing to the nostalgia of consumers using the Nokia brand, and yes, as enthusiasts, we fall directly into their networks.

This because as the rumors had said, the Nokia 8 will have its Sirocco version. A mix of modern and classic, appealing to luxury, design and strong specifications:

This device with Snapdragon 835 processor and 6 GB RAM, with its curved screen of 5.5 inches 2K comes to compete in the high-end market, of course.

The suggested price in its first stage will be € 749.

On the side of basic phones, the classic Nokia 8110, which even had a appearance in The Matrix , now has a new version:

The “banana phone”, as we said, is a phone designed for the most basic tasks. Yes, you can play Snake on it.

It will cost about € 79 and will run through the 4G band, to ensure its compatibility around the world without problems.



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