Android GO project: Google confirms that Huawei will launch a mobile phone for emerging markets

Photo: Google

Google has confirmed that mobile brand Huawei will launch a new device with Android GO later this year. It also confirmed that it will be presented in all emerging markets (India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, and Bangladesh)

Related to this report from Google, we have seen leaked images of Huawei Y5 Lite which would be the first Huawei mobile with Android GO. According to reports, the device has already been seen by the FCC.

Photo: Android GO project

Inside the Y5 Lite, you would find a MediaTek MT6737 processor next to a predictably 1GB RAM. It would be accompanied by a panel with a resolution of 854 x 480 and would not have additions such as NFC, but would be dualSIM.

Some of the applications that we would find installed in the device are: Assistant GO, Gmail GO, GBoard GO, Maps GO, Search GO and Youtube GO. We have already tried these apps through APK and the truth is that the experience is not so far from the usual. However, its performance is considerably higher. Huawei would thus become the largest manufacturer to support Google with its Android GO project.


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