BlackBerry says “it’s here to stay”, hopes to sell 10 million smartphones each year

Photo: BlackBerry

The 2018 Mobile World Congress is not all about laptops and smartphones. There is also room for companies to talk about their dreams and ambitions. Although these are modest. That seems to be the case of BlackBerry and its intervention at the event.

According to a TechTimes report, BlackBerry Mobile had the opportunity to participate in MWC 2018, through Francois Mahieu, the company’s Global General Manager who was optimistic about the commercial performance of the brand after its return. Although there are many challenges to overcome.

Mahieu acknowledge that it will take time to rebuild the iconic brand but noted that BlackBerry will not be “closing shop” anytime soon.

“We will be firmly staying in a premium category, innovating around keyboards, materials and areas to show people we’re here to stay. It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Mahieu said.

 “I would not be satisfied with market share in premium (phones) that is sub-1 percent forever,”

Mahieu said his wish for BlackBerry Mobile is to capture a premium smartphone market share of 3 percent to 5 percent over the next few years.

Photo: BlackBerry

The BlackBerry KeyOne, launched in the middle of last year, would have been the key device to reposition the brand again. The model helped the company to have a presence in most of the international markets but has not been astronomical since during the last quarter of 2017 it sold just 170,000 units.

With a premium smartphone market of about 320 million units last year, this means that Mahieu’s company will need to sell at least 10 million units each year to grab its target market share.

The company has a long way to go before competing fully against Samsung or Apple.


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