Google’s Files Go releases beta version: so you can sign up to be the first to have the latest news

Of all Google Go apps, Files Go is probably the most popular. More than anything because it was the first to arrive, it has been updated a couple of times and is available to everyone.

If you are interested in Google’s Files Go and want to be the first to get all the news, the app launched all the Beta channel on Google Play, so you can sign up to receive the latest news first.

The first novelty: search

The first beta version Files Go is now available on Google Play and the new feature is a new file search function . It is available in the files section and allows you to search any file on your mobile, using several general filters such as audio, documents, videos or images. You can use several filters at the same time.

The search itself is quite fast, so its a great addition to this app that started from below but is slowly becoming an alternative to take into account. For now, it’s beta, so it’s possible that you’ll find an odd search error.


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