No models: Dolce & Gabbana uses drones to show their new collection of handbags on the catwalk

We recently saw 1,218 drones take to the Pyeongchang sky during the opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics to present a remarkable light show. Today, these small autonomous machine have been spoted on the catwalk doing what models are paid to do.

This is what happened at a fashion show in which the clothing company Dolce & Gabbana used drones to walk their new bags. 

During the event, attendees were asked to disconnect WiFi networks from their devices without explaining why. The show, which started 45 minutes later than scheduled, made the reason clear: those who showed the new bags were drones, not models.

About seven drones were destined to show those new handbags from the haute couture firm in a display that wasn’t without little hiccups. They had to make sure that the route was safe and able to start particular parade.

The inevitable conversation about machines replacing humans in all professions could arise after a decision like this, but the truth is that the world of fashion, brands will continue to use human models to show these new collections for a long time.



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