The new tech plans by FRSC may reduce road crashes in Nigeria

John Mehaux, the FRSC Zonal Commanding Officer for Ogun and Lagos States

​The Federal Road Safety Corps has revealed plans to introduce a new tool that could reduce the number of deaths on Nigerian roads remarkably. 

Statistics published by the commission indicates that about 4,418 persons across the nation were involved in road accidents –a figure which happens to be lower than that of 2016. The FRSC added that out of the 4,418 persons involved in road crashes, 338 lost their lives -an occurrence that the corp strongly believes could have been averted with the deployment of latest technologies capable of checking deaths on Nigerian roads.


The technologies the FRSC hopes employ

According to John Mehaux, the FRSC Zonal Commanding Officer for Ogun and Lagos States, the commission will make use of Alcoholysers and Breathalysers to detect erring motorists who indulge in drinking while driving. These technologies helps to estimate breath alcohol content by indirectly by measuring the amount of alcohol in one’s breath. It is hoped that these technologies would help reduce the rate of accidents as 90% of accidents on Nigerian roads are caused by drunk driving.
Speaking on Monday at the 2018 First Quarter Performance Review Management Retreat held at Magodo, Lagos, Mr. John Mehaux, the FRSC Zonal Commanding Officer for Ogun and Lagos States, said,

“We want to ensure that crashes are brought to the barest minimum, and we are looking at the next decade, even when crashes occur, there won’t be any death recorded.”


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