Youtube has just announced an update to its live streaming service, Youtube live, with several interesting news, including automatic subtitles or captions.

For some time, Youtube offered automatic subtitles in many videos. According to the company, since 2009 they have already included automatic subtitles in more than 1 billion videos. Now with this update on YouTube Live, the video platform introduces automatic subtitles in English for live broadcasts.

Youtube says it makes use of the Live Automatic Speech Recognition (LASR) technology to give automatic subtitles with error rates and latency that are close to industry standards, which according to the announcement will continue to improve through time.

Another new feature YouTube introduced is the Live Chat Replay.

Youtube knows that live chat plays a key role in creating connections between the video creators and their community, that’s why in this update they began to implement live chat replay on YouTube, so that users can follow the conversation even after they have finished the live broadcast. According to YouTube, the live chat replays will appear along with the video.

YouTube also adds Live broadcast creators can now add a location tag to their broadcasts and videos on mobile devices and share their favorite points with viewers. Users through these location tags can explore other videos with the same tag by simply clicking on it. They can also use the location filter on the search results page to search for other videos from a specific location.

Last year, Youtube introduced  Super Chats to help trigger real life events. From now on, the creators will be able to configure this through their channels, using  IFTTT  (If This, Then That). With this, the creators, in addition to connecting with their fans, will also be able to generate more income.