Flutter Beta, the Google framework for creating Android and iOS apps at full speed, now available

Photo: Google

Creating a native Android or iOS app is quite complicated. Creating a native app for both systems that works perfectly well is even more complicated. Flutter is Google’s new mobile UI framework that helps developers craft high-quality native interfaces for both iOS and Android. Google has already made its first beta available.

It is by no means the first initiative that tries to unify the programming of applications for different platforms, but Google is convinced that it will help you quickly create apps with a modern design and great performance.

What is Flutter?

The video summarizes in a very entertaining way what Flutter is and what are its advantages with respect to creating an app in real time, which is evident with features such as Hot Reload that let’s you make changes to the code and see the result in the emulator in real time, while the app runs its course.

Flutter is integrated into the most popular editors like Android Studio , VSCode, Xcode, IntelliJ and company, installing itself as a plugin, so you can continue using the same tools as always. You have the complete installation instructions and the download link here .

Flutter Beta is based on Dart 2, which means that there are no XML files for application templates separated from the code, but rather the interface itself is generated from the code . 

Although it may be confusing at first, in the long run, in theory, it should speed up the development of applications such as Hookle or Hamilton. The Fuchsia’s interface applications is also developed in Flutter.

Click here to install Flutter and start making apps.