Netflix plans to have 700 original movies and series in 2018

To achieve their goal, they have to pend upwards of 8 billion dollars PHOTO: VARIETY

It is well known that Netflix has been using its original content to attract new subscribers, a strategy that has yielded good results over the years. On Tuesday, they revealed that they were set to increase their efforts in that part of their strategy.

According to information from Variety , CFO David Wells revealed that their plan for Netflix is to have around 700 original films and series by the end of this 2018. A number which would be achieved with a broad budget of about 8 billion dollars.

It was mentioned also that the 700 new contents will include 80 original productions from outside the United States, such as Dark, which takes place in Germany.

In addition to this, the company will still include non-original contents to its list and hopes to improve its marketing budget and thus achieve a better promotion of its novelties that will help it to take advantage of the upcoming competition from big brands like Disney and Apple.

A risky plan because, Netflix has already spent large amounts on productions that have not turned out as expected, but still at this time, the streaming service  has  more than 117 million subscribers around the world.


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