Twitter announces Bookmarks and Share button, to save and share tweets

Today, Twitter, through its blog, announced two new features that will be very well received by many. This includes bookmark tool to bookmark tweets for later and a share botton to share tweets via Direct Message, or share off of Twitter.

The bookmark idea is to save a tweet in a section that only you will have access to. If you want to watch a video, a photo, access a link or read a Twitter thread, but you can not do so at the moment, you can save it in your bookmarks for later

Before now, most users did this using a third party app like “Pocket” or by simply clicking “like” on the tweet.

To use the bookmarks you only have to update the Twitter app for iOS or Android from the App Store or Google Play Store, respectively

How it Works:

To bookmark a Tweet, tap the share icon under the Tweet and select, “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”. To find it later, tap “Bookmarks” from your profile icon menu. You can remove Tweets from your Bookmarks at any time. Also, only you can see what you’ve bookmarked. Learn more about how to bookmark in our Help Center.


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